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Updated: May 12

Have you ever thought that school would be so much more interesting if it was more engaging? Unfortunately, too many primary and secondary schools within the United States suffer from poor student engagement, and this creates disharmony between students and educators among other problems like dropout rates and the poor academic achievement. The message is very clear. We need more engaging schools. This is exactly why I'm creating engaging content for educators and world language students, which can be found on my YouTube channel: World Linguistics TV .

The American educational system needs reform. Too often, we find that problems like this tend to present themselves in school districts with fewer educational resources. To address the lack of educational resources, I've created educational videos for no charge that can be used by students and educators of world language subjects like Spanish and French. Head over to, and subscribe today to access over 125 educational videos.

World Linguistics Escuela can be found on our Patreon.

At this time, offerings include only one on one classes, but group classes are expected to be developed in mid 2024, and rolled out in June 2025.

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