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El Día de Los Muertos, A Grand Offering

“El día de los muertos” is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and various Latin American countries. El día de los muertos is celebrated on the first and second of November.

On this day, it is believed that spirits of deceased ancestors come back home from the spirit world to visit their descendants.

The loved ones put up an altar, known as “una ofrenda” with items like candles and incense to honor their loved ones’ spirits.

Although it shares some of the same traditions like costumes and parties, el día de los muertos, unlike common thought, is not a Mexican version of Halloween, but rather a unique tradition that celebrates the dead.

I’m publishing a podcast episode about this coming on October 30 to educate the world about this tradition. I believe that the world would be more united if we all came together to learn about each other. If you haven’t already subscribed to World Linguistics Podcast, you can find more information and subscribe on your preferred platform here so that you get notified when it’s published.

Join me in this episode on October 30th, and together we can create a more united world where everyone embraces humanity.

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John S, MD, USA

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