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World Linguistics TV is an open-access language learning platform with the purpose of making language education accessible to students, teachers, and educators. All our videos are designed to make learning more efficient.


As education gradually becomes more global, we guide the world’s transition to long-lasting, sustainable, borderless learning. From videos with verb charts to vocabulary videos with English subtitles, our videos are designed for people of all backgrounds, including the deaf and hard of hearing, and the best part is that it's accessible. We highly encourage language teachers and students across the globe to take advantage of the free resources we have to offer. Click the watch button below to head over to World Linguistics TV today and get started! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Learn How To Communicate

We live in a world in which communication is evolving faster than ever due to the rapid pace of technological advancement. The things that are bringing us closer together are also, in some ways, keeping us further away from each other. In this highly-techological digital age, communication skills have never been more important. That’s is exactly why we’ve compiled playlists with language lessons for language learners just like YOU. If you’ve ever wondered how learning languages can improve YOUR communication skills, then you’ll want to read the information below.

1.) The interaction with other human beings

Interacting with native speakers can give you real world experience as you learn the vocabulary, and even the subtle social nuances that shape day-to-day conversations.

2.) Enhanced cognition and improved concentration skills

Learning a second language can enhance brain functionality and improve your overall brain health. It can also increase attention span in young adults. Concentration and focus are two must-have communication skills. They help you pay attention while having conversations with other people.

3.) Health benefits

Learning a second language can actually reduce the likelihood of dementia onset in older adults. Young students who become multilingual are also less likely to suffer from dementia onset as they get older.

Now that you know the benefits of learning a second language, and how learning one can improve your communication skills, head over to World Linguistics TV and get started on the journey to multilingualism today!

Accessible Educational Videos

World Linguistics TV is designed for the general public as our videos are accessible, but it is especially useful for teachers and students of world languages like Spanish and French. It’s as easy as watching our short explainer videos with your students in your classroom during a lesson, or placing our links in your students’ assignment portal. If your school uses a service like Google classroom to track student progress, then you might want to think about including our resources in your portal.

If you have any questions or if you would like to request more info, click the contact button below to send us an email. We’re here to help!