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World Linguistics, LLC is a global education company with the mission of bringing linguistic awareness to a global society through the creation of quality online educational content. Through creativity, innovation, multilingualism, diversity, and unity, our vision is to unite the world with language education. Ever since 2020, we've been working to transcend monolingualism by creating educational content that makes learning simple and empowers individuals just like you to learn another language. Our global society can unite around languages and a global perspective. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to World Linguistics TV on Youtube and connect with us on the social media platforms listed below. The road to multilingualism starts here!​


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Ever since the America was founded, minorities have suffered from inequality due to America’s outdated, deep-rooted, systemic policies that to this day allow for inadequate funding. Our country cannot provide every child with the education that they deserve due to the lack of educational funding. Because of this, our country’s educational system is broken, and World Linguistics’s mission is to make world language education accessible for every human being on the planet, and to promote its importance globally. Our solution? Quality educational content that can be accessed with an internet connection. Our resources are accessible to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and can be found on World Linguistics TV. This is the future of language education.


World Linguistics TV

Videos That Unite Humanity

World Linguistics TV is an open access language learning platform available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The purpose of World Linguistics TV is to make language education accessible for everyone in the world no matter where they are, and by doing so, bring the world closer together as open-minded global citizens. From videos with verb charts to vocabulary videos with English subtitles, our videos are designed for people of all backgrounds, including the deaf and hard of hearing, and the best part is that it's accessible. Click learn more below to head over to World Linguistics TV today and get started!

World Linguistics TV is designed for the general public as our videos are accessible, but it is especially useful for teachers and students of world languages like Spanish and French. It’s as easy as watching our short explainer videos with your students in your classroom during a lesson, or placing our links in your students’ assignment portal. If your school uses a service like Google classroom to track student progress, then you might want to think about including our resources in your portal.

If you have any questions or if you would like to request more info, you can send us an email via the button below. We’re here to help!


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If you’re a fan of our content, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch today with any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback. If there are any concepts that you would like us to cover, get in touch via the email address below, and connect with us on social media.

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