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1. What are we?


World Linguistics is an online tutoring service that is made available to its customers, referred to as "the student," as a convenient and cost-effective way to further their education. To access services, the student must sign up for an online account on our website or mobile app, available on Android and IOS. The mobile app must be installed or downloaded on the student's electronic device(s) to enable uninterrupted sessions as World Linguistics will conduct its instructional classes through its virtual classroom, referred to as the "website." The ability to enter the portal, online help resources, and customer assistance are collectively referred to as "Services."

2. Magnitude of Services

Through our registered software and online portal accessible through the website, we will be able to communicate with our students. To utilize the tutorial services, the student must furnish his or her computer, internet connection, and online account.

In this regard, the Services we offer shall be accessible every day of the year—24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the 48 hours before the activity, we will let the student know if there are any maintenance or upgrade concerns. The contact information for customer service will be available in your account and is accessible every day and night.

3. Privacy Policy

Your registered email address will be used to verify your account. After receiving confirmation, you will be required to complete a form with your personal data. You can log on with your registered account after agreeing to the privacy policy's terms and conditions.

We honor students' privacy rights. We won't share or sell the student's personal information or any other relevant information that could be used to determine the student's genuine identity.


4. Payments

From our subscription options, you can select packages, also known as memberships by subscribing to our webpage. Payments may be made by Credit Card or PayPal. After the terms of the policy have been satisfied, refunds may not be issued unless the student submits a complaint or has a bad experience with our services. We normally don’t offer a refund unless the student has a bad experience with services.

5. User Content

Any content, information, or communication that you post via our service will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You instantly grant us permission to use the material/information/communication for any purpose, including distribution, quality control, curriculum development, and promoting our services. The instructional sessions will be videotaped and stored for quality assurance reasons.

6. Modifications of the Service

Some existing features in the online classroom may be added, modified, or disabled. We retain the right to alter or stop the service from time to time to accommodate maintenance procedures or system/facility upgrades. We shall not be held liable for any adjustments or updates we think are essential to improve the overall site functionality.

7. Termination of Service

You can end the learning session at any moment by going to the online portal and selecting/clicking the cancel subscription option to end your membership in your online account.

John S, MD, USA

Kyle is a great teacher. Easy to understand and fun to learn. Highly recommend... Keep up the great work Kyle!!

Jonathan B, MD, USA

I love that you get to learn some new languages in WL. If you want to learn another language then I’d recommend you go here.

Prasangika S, MD, USA

I think there are wonderful things to learn about like Spanish.
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