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Learn More About Our Efforts to Expand Accessibility

As a growing company that strives to make an impact on communities all around the globe, World Linguistics, LLC is committed to expanding accessibility, which is why we've made the decision to translate our website into over 30 languages so that everyone can have access to what we have to offer.

Our website is now available to customers who speak the following languages.

  1. Abkhazian

  2. Afar

  3. Afrikaans

  4. Akan

  5. Albanian

  6. Amharic

  7. Arabic

  8. Aragonese

  9. Armenian

  10. Assamese

  11. Avaric

  12. Avestan

  13. Aymara

  14. Azerbaijani

  15. Bambara

  16. Bashkir

  17. Basque

  18. Belarusian

  19. Bengali

  20. Bihari

  21. Bislama

  22. Bosnian

  23. Breton

  24. Bulgarian

  25. Burmese

  26. Catalan

  27. Chamorro

  28. Chinese

  29. Church Slavic

  30. Croatian

  31. Czech

  32. Danish

  33. Dutch

  34. Estonian

  35. French

  36. Gaelic

  37. Haitian Creole

  38. Hebrew

  39. Hindi

  40. Japanese

  41. Portuguese

  42. Punjabi

  43. Spanish

These additions will help us better serve you and your students as we roll out and implement world language programming into school districts and universities worldwide. Thank you for being part of our global community.

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John S, MD, USA

Kyle is a great teacher. Easy to understand and fun to learn. Highly recommend... Keep up the great work Kyle!!

Jonathan B, MD, USA

I love that you get to learn some new languages in WL. If you want to learn another language then I’d recommend you go here.

Prasangika S, MD, USA

I think there are wonderful things to learn about like Spanish.
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