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Learn How We’re Closing the Digital Divide In 2023

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

It’s 2023, and millions of learners below the poverty line in countries like India and Pakistan do not have access to quality education via technologies like laptops or computers. To help repair global education and rectify this issue, we partnered with a nonprofit on the other side of the globe in 2022 to expand accessibility to financially challenged sections. The product that was created to push the partnership forward has made tremendous progress in terms of dissemination and signups. We’ve included some numbers and qualitative information below to better breakdown the impact we’ve made in the first half of 2023.

1.) As of the beginning of quarter 3, 2023, the digital product has been expanded to reach children and schools as far as Punjab and some sections of northern Pakistan.

2.) As of quarter 3, 2023, the digital product has gained over 500 sign ups.

3.) As of quarter 3, 2023, both organizations, World Linguistics and Suvidha Foundation, are in agreement without conflict. Both organizations also remain committed to expanding accessibility and adhering to their core values.

The data is in the quality and the numbers of the ongoing partnership. The collaboration between Suvidha Foundation and World Linguistics has been overwhelmingly successful to date and has improved the quality of education to young people who need help improving their lives.

We’re also open to partnering with school districts, higher education institutions, and other organizations who need language programming or free teaching materials for their students.

Thank you, as always, to our students and partners all around the globe for your continued support and for allowing us to make such an incredible impact. We look forward to what’s to come.

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John S, MD, USA

Kyle is a great teacher. Easy to understand and fun to learn. Highly recommend... Keep up the great work Kyle!!

Jonathan B, MD, USA

I love that you get to learn some new languages in WL. If you want to learn another language then I’d recommend you go here.

Prasangika S, MD, USA

I think there are wonderful things to learn about like Spanish.
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