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Video Update #1

With everything currently happening in the world from COVID-19 to political instability, from economic crises to ethnic conflict, from violence to terrorism throughout various regions of the globe, we want to make language education accessible for anyone and everyone who needs it, which is exactly why we've created an online platform for anyone who doesn't have access to language education. World Linguistics is dedicated to producing quality online educational content for language learners worldwide.

Our latest video, How To Conjugate Confiar is out now on our YouTube channel, World Linguistics TV. In this video, you'll learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb "confiar" in the present indicative, the preterite, the subjunctive, and the conditional. Please visit if you would like to watch the full video. Thank you so much for supporting World Linguistics as we work diligently on turning our vision of making language education accessible into a reality. Let's transcend monolingualism!

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John S, MD, USA

Kyle is a great teacher. Easy to understand and fun to learn. Highly recommend... Keep up the great work Kyle!!

Jonathan B, MD, USA

I love that you get to learn some new languages in WL. If you want to learn another language then I’d recommend you go here.

Prasangika S, MD, USA

I think there are wonderful things to learn about like Spanish.
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